1Password now allows password sharing via link

The famous password manager 1Password keeps adding features to differentiate itself from the competition. This Wednesday he announced “Psst!”, A feature that allows users to share any item from your vault with other people through a secure link.

1Password says its new secure password sharing tool is a response to people’s habits. For example, when the credentials of a streaming platform are shared with family members or when a temporary contractor must log into a certain platform.

Throughout this time, users have resorted to copying items from their 1Password vault and pasting them into an email or chat message. They have even chosen to take screenshots. But this is a practice that increases the risk of a security problem. To put an end to these risks comes Psst!

How does Psst! by 1Password

Go to 1Password. Find the item you want to share and select it. Tap or click Share. Choose how and with whom you will share the link and when it will expire. Tap or click Get link to share. Copy the link and send it by your method. preferred (email, SMS, WhatsApp).

When the recipient opens the message in their browser, they will see one of these two options. If the visibility of the link is public, you will see a preview of the shared item, but if you have shared with someone in particular, you will need to enter their email address.

Credit: 1Password

In the case of the second option, you will immediately receive a unique verification code. When pasting it on the 1Password page, it will display all the details of the element when sharing it. This means that additional notes, security questions, or anything else will be included.

However, keep in mind that you are not sharing the original item, but a copy of it. For example, if a password was changed after a link was shared by Psst !, the recipient will see the original password and not the updated one. In this sense, the item must be shared again with the new password.

Psst! it also works for those who do not have a 1Password account. However, password manager users will have the ability to save a copy of the item directly within their vaults.