Air conditioning, speedometer and more

Apple works in a technology capable of integrating vehicle controls into CarPlay, as Bloomberg has learned. This is a function similar to what Android Automotive, Google’s car system, offers. This new feature will prevent drivers from having to toggle between the manufacturer’s system and CarPlay whenever they want to access a setting on the car itself.

It would be possible, therefore, control air conditioning, seating position, radio, or audio settings from the car speakers. All this from Apple’s own operating system. The integration with CarPlay, in addition, would allow to show relevant information, such as the temperature and indoor and outdoor humidity. Also the details of the speedometer, tachometer and fuel or autonomy.

The project, called “IronHeart”, is in the early stages of development, so there does not appear to be a feature available soon. The aforementioned source also highlights that cooperation of car manufacturers will be necessary, who will be able to create new applications or “add functions to existing ones”.

CarPlay will be the alternative to Android Automotive

Currently, CarPlay allows access to relevant information from the smart screen of the car. For it, you need to sync an iPhone via cable or wirelessly, Since it is the iPhone that makes the applications compatible and transfers the information, such as notifications, music library, etc. It is unknown, for the moment, if with this novelty CarPlay will be integrated into the vehicle itself, as is the case with Android Automotive. Feature that will allow you to do without a connected iPhone to access apps such as Apple Music, Maps or Siri.

Google’s operating system, which will be present in more and more cars, offers the same thing that Apple intends to bring to CarPlay: an integration with the car’s controls. In this case, and unlike Android Auto, Automotive is included in the vehicle itself. That is, it does not need a smartphone for it to work, although it can be synchronized to receive notifications or calls while driving. Despite not needing a mobile, it is also possible to access the company’s apps and services. Among them, Google Maps or Google Assistant.

We will have to wait to see how the Apple project progresses, which will undoubtedly be an interesting alternative to Android Automotive.