Apple TV Plus renews ‘Foundation’ for a second season

After the excellent reception of the first episodes, Apple has renewed Foundation for a second season. The Cupertino company made it official through its website, where it also announced that Jared Harris and Lee Pace will reprise their respective roles in the new episodes. For the moment, yes, from Apple TV + they have not wanted to advance a tentative release date, even less when the first season is still in progress.

Matt Cherniss, Apple TV + head of programming, stated the following regarding the second season: “We are so excited to see global audiences embrace the exciting, suspenseful and captivating journey that is Foundation. We know how long fans of the beloved Asimov stories to see his iconic work come to life as a visually spectacular series. ”

Also, the manager confirmed that David S. Goyer will be in charge of production again. In fact, Goyer himself advanced that the second season will allow us to see characters like Hober Mallow, General Bel Riose and the Outer Suns. “I am delighted that a whole new generation of fans is reading Asimov’s brilliant masterpiece. We are betting long term with ‘Foundation’ and I am grateful to my partners at Apple and Skydance for entrusting me with this epic,” he concluded.

At least for the first few chapters, the Foundation has shown that Apple spared no resources to create a series at the visual level of a Hollywood blockbuster. The cast is also led by renowned actors who have already triumphed in other productions. In the case of Jared Harris, he was nominated for “Best Actor” at the Grammy Awards thanks to his extraordinary performance in Chernobyl, the HBO miniseries.

Asimov’s son, proud of what he achieved with Fundación

Robyn Asimov, executive producer and son of the author, recognized the excellent work accomplished so far. “The David Goyer Foundation has exceeded all my expectations by bringing my father’s philosophy and ideas to the screen in ways my father could never get done while staying true to his work. My father was in debt to his fans, and he always hoped that his work would pass on to the next generations.The television series Fundación is fulfilling your wish (and mine) when presenting your work to new readers. ”

There is no doubt that Apple, when it obtained the rights to adapt the work of Isaac Asimov, had planned to do several seasons. In addition, in such a compendious time in the streaming video sector, it is key to offer original quality content to attract more subscribers — and retain the ones you already have. Foundation, then, will continue to be a banner of Apple TV + for years to come. Remember that the series premiered on that platform since last September 24.