Best Fonts to Download Free Vectors

A vector, drawing, or vector image is a digital image formed by geometric objects: segments, polygons, arcs … Its main advantage is that it allows you to create a vector graphic that can be scale to any size without losing quality. Vectors allow you to create functional artwork and graphics for use in physical or digital formats of all kinds. And unlike photographs, it can be expanded without limits. And the best thing is that the internet is full of free vectors for use in your works and creations.

Among the resources that you can find online to download, the photographs and images in general, as well as the illustrations and vector drawing in particular, stand out. And it is that you do not always have at hand the ideal graphic resource to illustrate a video, a presentation or to star in a poster.

Thanks to the following pages you will be able to find vectors and free vectors to use depending on your license. Sometimes it will allow you to use that vector drawing in commercial projects or just for non-profit personal use. Sometimes a simple mention of his authorship It will be enough. Be that as it may, they stand out for their variety and for expanding their catalog periodically.

Free Vector Art & Graphics

Their motto is “A world of free vector art at your fingertips.” Free Vector Art & Graphics offers free vectors of the most complete. From groupers icons to complete scenarios to apply at specific times of the year.

From the preview or by searching the categories available, you will find free vectors related to music, flags, food, design, computers, technology, cars, business, shopping, sports … The list is wide enough to find the perfect vector for your project.

Another detail of Free Vector Art & Graphics is that it offers a weekly newsletter with news. Thus, each week you will receive suggestions about new content in vector drawing form to use to your advantage.

Your license allows you to use the more than 90,000 free vectors personal use only. You will only have to indicate its authorship. For commercial use, you will need to register as a Premium user for $ 9.99 per month. You will have access to more than 150,000 vectors without limits.


The Spanish Freepik has its own section of free vectors. From this link You will access more than 3.8 million vectors for personal and commercial use. They are available in AI and EPS format for easy editing.

Thanks to the preview you will see the quality of the vectors instantly. Also, you can try your luck searching, always available. And when you access a vector drawing, below you will see related vectors with that theme.

Another peculiarity of Freepik is that it serves as a sideboard to upload your own vectors and thus sell them. As a collaborator, you will have access to an online space with * more than 30 million users + and 85 million visits per month.


vectors - free vectors - vector drawing

Living up to its name, VectorStock has a catalog of vectors among which you will find free resources to use in your creations personal and / or commercial. With over 900,000 free vectors, you can filter them by size or do a direct search.

The quality of the illustrations is very good. In addition, in each tab you can choose the type of license you want to use. For personal use, you can download the vector drawing for free. You just have to indicate who the author is.

For commercial use, printing or social networks, among other cases, you can choose between two different licenses that give permission for different uses. You will find more information in its section of questions about licenses.


vectors - free vectors - vector drawing

Free vectors to enrich your personal projects. Vector4Free It has a good assortment of vector drawing that you will find from its search engine. You just have to indicate the keywords. The result is hundreds of free, high-quality resources.

The license of this website indicates that you can use the vectors personal use only if you indicate who the author is. In this case, the website itself. However, it says nothing about Commercial use, for or that you should contact those responsible.

Vector4Free is updated weekly with new content that you can download or share in social networks from the official buttons. Otherwise, the vectors are offered in JPEG and EPS format in the same download.

vectors - free vectors - vector drawing

With a catalog of almost 80,000 vectors, allows you to download vector drawing in AI, SVG, EPS and CDR formats to facilitate its editing and thus create all kinds of designs from vector drawing.

With a finder, tags, and highlights preview, you can’t miss it. You will find all kinds of graphic resources to download. The only requirement, indicate authorship. In its catalog you will also find vector icons, simpler but ideal for specific projects.