Best Science Fiction Movies

Today, science fiction films are part of the genre with the greatest possibility and the one that is exploited in the most elaborate and profound way. From Frank Herbert’s Dune, which arrives as one of the great productions of the year, to Fundación, the long-awaited Apple TV + series.

The possibilities of big futuristic themes and related to the human in accordance with technology are booming.

Which makes, of course, also one of the most difficult genres to understand in its full breadth. To make it easier, but above all, more accessible, we leave you a road map through the movies and series that you should see, a graphic that you can consult here. Which ones have you not seen and which ones should be added to your list in the future. Follow this tour and complete the science fiction experience to a new level:

Where to see the best science fiction movies

(The title of the film leads directly to the streaming service where it is available).

Harsh science fiction

It includes from travel through deep space, relationships of the human with artificial intelligence, life on other planets, survival outside our world. We could also add puzzles about identity vs. the changes of history, time travel, cloning, dystopias and utopias about the distant future.

What are the ones you should see? To begin the tour of science fiction films in all their splendor, we recommend:

Interstellar, by Christopher Nolan.Children of Men, by Alfonso Cuarón.Gattaca, by Andrew Niccol.Solaris, both by Andrei Tarkovski and Steven Soderbergh. 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick. Primer, by Shane Carruth, Moon, by Duncan Jones, The Martian, by Ridley Scott, Gravity, by Alfonso Cuarón, Ex Machina, by Alex Garland. Sunshine, by Danny Boyle, Europe Report, by Sebastián Cordero, Star Trek from II: The Wrath of Khan, by Nicholas Meyer, Star Trek: First Contact, by Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek, by JJ Abrams.

The science fiction of the Space Opera

The fifth element

It is one of the most popular sub-genres of science fiction movies. The stories, often treated in a futuristic (and speculative) way, include subplots of politics, love and adventure. Of course, with space being its main setting, the greatest emphasis is on the characters’ relationships with their environment. But the human element remains the one of greatest interest.

Although the most likely thing is that you have already enjoyed a few of the subgenre, we leave you the inevitable ones on the list below.

Action within science fiction

*Edge of Tomorrow* (2014)

Obviously, this is the subgenre that uses science fiction scenarios for action-based plots. It includes time travel with various consequences (almost always violent), alien attacks and confrontations with artificial intelligence.

What would be the ideal science fiction movies to start your journey through such an adventure? The following films:

Looper by Rian Johnson Edge of Tomorrow by Doug Liman Terminator I and II by James Cameron (the rest of the series is up to you) Independence Day by Roland Emmerich (we recommend only the first part) Starship Troopers by Paul Verhoeven.Alien, by Ridley Scott.Aliens, by James Cameron.Inception, by Christopher Nolan.Total Recall, both by Paul Verhoeven and Len Wiseman.Source Code by Duncan Jones.

Yes, comedy too

Back to the Future Most viewed moviesUniversal

Science fiction movies also have a special place for comedy, especially when he uses his usual tropes to make people laugh. From parodies, time travel and all kinds of versions about the great central stories of the genre. There is everything to choose from.


With its pessimistic, brooding, and often dark vision of the future, the quintessential technological dystopia is a central subgenre of science fiction movies. The term was coined to define the literary movement spearheaded by Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, and John Shirley. Had its greatest boom during the eighties and in fact, it is the origin of the cinematographic genre.

What movies would you have to see to have a broader vision of the subgenre? The following:

With a hole for horror

Space, artificial intelligence, time travel, extraterrestrial contacts. The main tropes of science fiction movies are also an ideal setting for the most terrifying arguments. Which of this list of haunting monsters, haunted ships, and murderous aliens remains for you to see?