Canva Announces Simple Video Editor Completely Free

Canva is one of the most popular design websites on the internet. Since 2013 it offers a wide variety of tools that allow almost anyone to compose presentations, infographics, social media posts and more. Now, the app is making its way with a video editor.

Canva’s new online video editor will have an interface similar to that of traditional editors. It will be centered on the scene, which means that it will have a preview to visualize the progress of the project. It will also include tools to trim scenes and manage audio tracks.

Templates, one of Canva’s most prominent features, will also be present in the video editor. These will allow users to choose designs specifically geared towards what they are looking for. For example, they can create vertical videos for TikTok, covers or full videos for YouTube.

Each template will be complemented by a wide variety of animations, transitions, effects and the possibility of importing certain resources. The video editor will retain the classic drag and drop mechanism. In addition, the project will be saved automatically to save the changes.

According to TechCrunch, 20% of knowledge workers create or watch videos every day. In this sense, and to respond to your needs, Canva will incorporate screen recording in the editor so that people can record themselves and add the clip to their projects.

Ease of use rules in Canva

The company recognizes that the biggest challenge in venturing into the world of video has been balancing the need to create a robust tool without losing Canva’s signature simplicity.

You can now edit video on the Canva page, but over time the editor will improve and add the aforementioned functions. Although most of the resources will be free, users will also be able to access the premium version that expands the range of editing tools.

Canva’s new offering is not alone. On the web there are also other very well developed proposals for online video editing. These include Adobe Spark, FlexClip, and Clipchamp. Now it is the turn of the users, who will decide if it is worth giving it a try.