Disney Plus’ goal that threatens Netflix’s dominance in streaming

From its launch on November 12, 2019 until the end of 2021, Disney Plus has not stopped growing. His first steps were taken in the United States and Canada. These countries have already been joined by more than thirty, expanding through Latin America and part of Europe. That development is part of the company’s arguments to estimate that, at some point, they will surpass Netflix in terms of subscribers.

Currently, Netflix has just over 200 million subscribers. The company not only exploded in an area where there was no competition, television and film streaming, but it also altered the various forms of consumption in relation to this type of content through different dynamics. One of them? The possibility of watching all the episodes of a series from day one, without having to wait for the weekly premiere.

Although this last characteristic has its detractors, it influenced the way in which these types of products are consumed today. In their own way, Netflix set the rules on a territory that grew dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In times of isolation, screens and streaming services were one of the main entertainment options, if not the first. Disney, during that time, continued to expand. By November 2019, he was already in Latin America.

Disney Plus growth goals

Today, Disney Plus is estimated to have over 110 million subscribers. What hidden detail is in that figure? According to the portal specialized in news about the company, What’s on Disney Plus, the projection that the company estimated for 2024 was “only” 60 million members. Two years before then, Disney Plus is likely already doubling down on that goal.

However, Netflix still seems distant, considering that it already has more than 200 million subscribers. That said, that reign may not be forever. According to estimates from Digital TV Research, growth projections within this sector will continue to increase. For Simon Murray, the firm’s main analyst, in the next few years three content platforms will have control over half of the television and film streaming market.

According to Murray, Disney Plus will be the main service, ahead of Netflix, in 2025. How do you explain that? Through the projection in which Disney Plus will add 140 million subscribers between this year and 2026. This figure includes part of the Asian market, which the company will enter through Hotstar, another brand.

For its part, Netflix would add less than half of the subscribers that in theory Disney Plus will add. According to Murray, this number is around 53 million new members for a total of 271 million. It was recently learned that the platform already has 203 million affiliates. On the other hand, within a few years Disney Plus would add 284 million users.

In that scenario, services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV + and HBO Max seem to be relegated. However, they also play an important role. These platforms, in some cases, served Netflix content to nurture its catalog. At present, these products are integrating them exclusively through their services. Added to that are private bets, especially in the case of Apple TV, progressively developing new narratives to try to gain space in the streaming war.