Facebook enables group chats between Instagram and Messenger

It’s been several months since Facebook announced integration between Messenger and Instagram to exchange private messages from one network to the other. Now, this feature is being extended to group chats. The novelty, however, will be optional.

It is worth emphasizing that the integration is not a merger, since your Messenger and Instagram accounts. continue to exist in parallel as separate entities, it simply adds the function to communicate from your Messenger account with an Instagram account, or vice versa.

On the other hand, you will now also be able to make internal polls in Instagram group chats. This functionality was already present in Messenger and other competing apps, such as Telegram. Beforehand, we know that Facebook’s messaging services are not exactly the fastest at fulfilling feature requests from its community.

This is what polls within group conversations look like.

On the other hand, Messenger has introduced new custom designs for chats, such as one inspired by J Balvin’s new album.

Messenger is one of the instant messaging apps that offers the most options for visual customization of each conversation.

You will also be able to see when more than one person in the group is typing at the same time. Icons with each user’s profile picture appear at the bottom left of the app.

On the right screen, you can see what the notification that there are two people typing at the same time looks like.

Another Messenger feature that has been replicated on Instagram is the. Watch Togetherwhich – like Share Play in iOS 15 – allows users to share what they’re watching with their friends so they can enjoy the same entertainment simultaneously and comment on it in real time.

WhatsApp, the next step

The parent company’s plans for integrating the different services offered by its various products are already known, and in the future they also plan to include WhatsApp. Now that Facebook links everything to their metaverse project, it will be interesting to see how they include their various messaging services in such an ambitious vision of the future. Of course, everything the social network intends to launch is accompanied by controversy.