Google Pixel 6 : Filtered its features and news

The Google Pixel 6Like its predecessors, it has also failed to avoid the wave of leaks prior to its presentation. Although Google had already provided us with some details in recent months, including a look at its design, it was still pending to know in depth its main novelties. It is precisely this information that has been uncovered. Believe it or not, the websites of both terminals were leaked.

Google Pixel 6Google Pixel 6

We go in parts. Regarding the processor Tensor, which is one of the great novelties because it is the first designed by Google, the company points out that it is up to a 80% faster than the SoC of previous models. Apps will load more radio and games will perform better. However, they clarify that this has no negative impact on the autonomy of the Pixel 6. As it is a custom-designed component, it takes better advantage of the battery.

Tensor also integrates a additional layer of security that works in conjunction with Titan M2, a chip specifically designed to fulfill security tasks. Of course, the SoC will make it possible to exploit artificial intelligence functions, such as translating messages and videos without being connected to the internet, or improving the quality of photographs.

And speaking of the photographic section, the Pixel 6 boasts a dual camera with 50 MP (main) and 12 MP (ultra wide angle) sensors. The first sensor increased its dimensions to capture a 150% more light than the Pixel 5, which will help improve the level of detail in images. The Pixel 6 Pro, meanwhile, inherits the two sensors from its younger brother, but adds a 48 MP telephoto to complete a triple chamber. This model also offers a 4x optical zoom.

We know in advance that Google mobiles rely on computational photography to substantially improve captures, and the Pixel 6 will not be the exception. In this sense, a novelty is the “Magic eraser”, which basically fulfills the same functions as its famous variant in Photoshop. It will allow you to erase objects and even people. Also, the new portrait mode improves background blur to make your subject stand out in a “professional” way, according to Google. Was a face blurry from movement? With “Face Unblur” You can fix it.

Google Pixel 6Google Pixel 6 con Android 12

In terms of screens, the Pixel 6 integrates a panel 6,4″, while the Pixel 6 Pro reaches the 6,7″. Both boast certification IP68 y Gorilla Glass Victus, which increases resistance to annoying scratches. Of course, only the terminal with the highest performance offers an update rate of up to 120 Hz; it is dynamic to benefit autonomy.

Although the websites do not specify the capacity of its battery, Google highlights that the Pixel 6 Pro can offer approximately 34 hours of autonomy. However, this data is subject to multiple factors and conditions that may change depending on the user’s use. The only thing that is certain is that both models have support for 30W fast charging. In the case of the Pro, it can recharge 50% of its battery in 30 minutes.

Will be next October 19 when those of Mountain View make these and other features of the Pixel 6 official. We still need to know their prices and date of availability.