Samsung no longer shows ads in its proprietary apps

In August, a wise decision was announced by Samsung which confirmed that it would stop showing ads in the apps of its own services. These are the applications that come preinstalled on the Korean company’s mobile phones, and that are part of One UI, the customization layer applied on Android.

That promise began to take effect this Friday, October 1. According to 9to5Google publishes, Samsung no longer displays advertisements which were previously included in Samsung Pay, Samsung Health and Samsung Weather. However, it is not yet known whether the measure has been implemented worldwide or only in some countries.

It was initially implied that the removal of ads would happen only in South Korea. However, users in the United States have also seen how advertising banners no longer appear in the spaces in which they were previously.

Apparently, Samsung would be rolling out a server-side only update to remove the ad content. This means that users wouldn’t have to update the apps on their smartphone to notice the change, though it’s also true that it could take a while before it’s effective for everyone. Regardless, Forcing apps to stop would speed up the process because when you open them again, the ads will no longer be displayed.

Removing ads from your apps is a wise decision by Samsung.

That mobile device manufacturers include ads in their own apps is not something new, nor is it unique to Samsung. However, that South Koreans take the initiative to remove advertising from their applications is very good news. Not only because it’s aesthetically better, but also because users can enjoy using a utility more. Without the experience being encroached upon or hindered with a poorly placed banner.

Many times ads are the “price” to pay for a service you get free access to. It’s annoying, yes, but bearable; especially on budget devices. The annoyance really comes when ads say “present” on expensive or high-end devices. Spending more than a thousand euros or dollars on a mobile that then shows banners even when choosing the design of a theme, certainly undermines the premium experience.

It will be interesting to see if other companies decide to go the same way as Samsung and remove ads from their pre-installed apps.