The reason why ‘FIFA’ could change its name from 2023

The possible name change of FIFA, the hit soccer video game, is generating too much conversation. And it is not for less, because we are talking about a tremendously popular title that year after year appears in the list of best sellers. Also, like it or not, it is a franchise that has been with us for decades. Yes OK SHE is still studying the situation, a report in The New Times explains the reasons that have caused this fuss.

According to the aforementioned media, everything is due to the fact that the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) wants to charge more for the use of its name in the aforementioned game. This body would be requiring EA 1,000 million dollars for each World Cup cycle, that is, for every 4 years. Taking into account that the agreement would be for 10 years, the figure would reach $ 2.5 billion.

Obviously, Electronic Arts does not see it kindly; especially since FIFA is requesting more than double what was agreed in the previous contract. However, it is clear that the highest soccer body is aware that the video game generates huge profits every year. Unless you live in a cave, you know that FIFA constantly manages to increase its income wherever possible. Now that they have the opportunity to do it through the video game, they are not going to miss it.

But beyond the numbers, FIFA also wants limit the scope of your name in the Electronic Arts franchise. This is because the American publisher also uses the name in tournaments and digital products. In fact, the latter could be related to EA’s interest in exploring the NFTs of FIFA Ultimate Team, which is the most lucrative game mode.

So EA and FIFA have until the end of 2023, precisely after finishing the World Cup in Qatar, to reach an agreement or take different directions. The problem is that the company cannot afford to wait that long, as the announcement of the annual FIFA installment usually occurs between April and June of each year.

If the negotiation does not come to fruition, FIFA 23 will not even see the light of day. However, it seems that they already have a plan B as a backup. According to VGC, in recent weeks they registered the trademark “EA Sport FC” at the UK Intellectual Property Office. Will this be the name of the sports title from next year? We’ll find out in a few months — or less.