‘The Squid Game’ shows the phone number of a real person

The Squid Game is the enormous – and somewhat unexpected – success of Netflix. The South Korean production has become the most popular series on the streaming platform, above any English-speaking production.

In the series, the participants of the squid game are given a card, on one side there are geometric figures. On the other side there is a phone number to call. The problem is that it is real, it exists and its owner has received hundreds of thousands of calls.

The creators of the series were sure that it would not cause annoyance for anyone since the first three digits were eliminated. But many people, when making local calls, do not have to put them, especially if the number exists.

“Since the premiere of The Squid Game, I have received incessant calls, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,” explains the owner of the phone number for Korean outlet Money Today. “I have used it for the last ten years, I am very sorry. I have had to delete more than 4,000 numbers that have tried to contact me. There are so many calls that my battery runs out. At first I did not understand what was happening, but a friend He told me that my phone appeared in the series and there I understood everything “.

Another Korean outlet, Koreaboo, explains that according to local laws, the appearance of this phone number in The Squid Game, could have legal ramifications for Netflix.

So far the owner of the phone number has rejected a somewhat ridiculous compensation from one million won ($ 842) for the inconvenience. According to Reuters, after that, they have offered five million wow ($ 4,178) which is unknown whether he accepted or not.

To make things even more complicated – for Netflix and the creators of The Squid Game – another person, with the same phone number, but with a different single digit, has also received calls incessantly since the series’ premiere, according to the Korea Times.

Netflix found a solution to the phone number problem in ‘The Squid Game’

To try to solve the problem and alleviate the inconvenience to the owner of the phone number, Netflix Corea has announced that it will be releasing it digitally from the series. He’s also asking people watching The Squid Game to please stop calling.

The production and Netflix are working to resolve this issue, including editing the scenes, where necessary, to remove the phone number

It would not be the first time, nor will it be the last, that a streaming platform has to edit scenes after they are available to watch. Game of Thrones had to do a digital erase of a coffee glass that slipped into a scene from one of the last episodes of the series. Disney + also did the same when it eliminated a member of the production who sneaked into a Mandalorian shot.