Top Doctors continues making the Americas and closes a new round

Top Doctors is the clear example of those technology companies that move to the next level of entrepreneurship. The company, of Catalan origin, which changed its tax address to Madrid – due to the political instability of its hometown – became officially established in the United States back in 2018. Specifically to Delaware. Like Cabify did, the region was attractive in tax and investor terms. Because long before the pandemic, the edtech sector was already attracting attention. Long before the pandemic, Top Doctors was doing well. Now it is much better. So much so that the third round of financing of 13 million dollars has just closed; its biggest record since its founding in 2012.

The French Impact Partners and the Catalan fund ICF Venture Tech II thus become part of the shareholders of Top Doctors. The one that created a digital service for doctors before it was necessary, or at least of those who survived the first steps of the sector. Also before the issue of depopulation of rural areas was a cover story. According to company figures, and in Alberto’s words,

In this way, the French Impact Partners and the Catalan fund ICF Venture Tech II become part of the shareholders of the technology company. The one that created a digital medical service before it was necessary. Also before the issue of depopulation of rural areas was a cover story. According to company figures and in the words of Alberto E. Porciani, CEO of Top Doctors, “46% of the patients who use the service are not located in large cities”. It would, therefore, be a way of bringing the two worlds closer together through a technological system.

At the moment, Top Doctors is in eight cities on three different continents. And they will continue like this for now. With the funding, Top Doctors’ goal is to expand its technology and employee capital. Also to invest in the part of the business that contributes the most to the company.

Top Doctor would function as a repository of private healthcare doctors – now booming after the pandemic – in which, through recommendations and audits, they claim to have the best specialists in each specialty.

The patients will only have to look for the doctor and make an appointment, in case of having private insurance, the payments will be articulated through the corresponding society. Top Doctors would only receive income in the event of a prepayment or telemedicine consultation. From here to a time, the B2B division is the one that generates most of the profits to the company and the one that expects to bill 16 million dollars by 2021. Appointment and patient management services for hospitals or specific doctors for the digitization of healthcare.

“The effect of the coronavirus on telemedicine has exploded”, points out the CEO of Top Doctors, “with growth of almost 90 times compared to what was registered before the pandemic.” And it is a trend that is being seen in the medicine industry. Sanitas, Plus or Mapfre have jumped on the bandwagon with their own versions of digital health. Also the large telcos, with Movistar Salud or the version of MásMovil interfering in one of the most desirable businesses during and after the pandemic.