Twitter will alert you if a conversation can get “intense”

Twitter is testing a new feature to avoid toxicity on its social network. The company has been announcing features that help users establish calmer conversations and give feedback without confrontation. With this new feature, which is in the testing phase, users they will be able to know if a conversation can become intense before joining her.

Twitter, in particular, will show a message in the upper area of ​​the responses to a tweet alerting that “Conversations like these can get intense Referring to the fact that there may be a division of opinions and anger on the part of some users. The social network, in addition, will show some tips to make disputes more friendly, warning that the facts matter, that the users who write are humans and their feedback needs to be respected, and discovering “diverse perspectives” can add value.

Twitter has not clarified what guidelines they will use to understand if a conversation can get intense. However, it is likely that the notice will appear in all those publications with a large number of comments or responses. The social network, however, highlights that the criteria may change as the test progresses.

Twitter works on several functions to avoid toxicity on the platform

The company has confirmed that this option will be visible soon in Twitter for iOS and Android. It is not the only function that the social network has announced in order to combat disputes on the platform. Recently, Twitter reported on the inclusion of a “I don’t like” button that will allow the authors of a tweet to know which responses are most relevant to users and which ones are not. Adding the possibility, in addition, to change the order in which the answers are displayed.

On the other hand, Twitter is also developing a complementary option to the function of silencing conversations. This feature, in particular, will allow users to unmention tweets that may not be interesting. In this way, the author of the post will not be able to mention the user again and he will not receive notifications about that publication. The social network will also allow to deactivate the mentions in the tweets of users who do not follow each other.