WhatsApp : all the news that will arrive soon

WhatsApp continues to show its efforts in the improved multi-device mode. Although it is one of the most important news of the messaging service, it is not the only feature that will be available soon. Recent leaks have shown some of the features that the Facebook-owned app is working on, such as message reaction, the ability to listen to voice memos outside of chat, and more.

The new multi-device modeYes, it will be one of the first features that we will see soon in WhatsApp. In fact, the feature is already available in beta for iOS users. As its name suggests, multi-device mode allows you to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices. All this, without the need for the main smartphone to be connected. Therefore, and as long as the account has been linked to a PC, tablet or other smartphone, the user will be able to continue using WhatsApp even when the main terminal is off.

WhatsApp is also working on a iPad app that will arrive in the next few months. Wabetainfo, a portal specialized in news and updates on the messaging app, has already shown some images of this version, which will be compatible with multi-device mode and will allow making calls and video calls.

Transfer chats from Android to iOS

Another of the functions that will come soon to WhatsApp is the possibility to transfer chats from Android to iOS. Samsung, in fact, already has this feature activated, where users with a new Galaxy smartphone can request a backup of their old iPhone chats to restore it on their new device.

In the case of Apple, it is expected that the app ‘Move to iOS‘, which allows you to send content from an Android mobile to an iPhone, also offers the possibility of transferring a backup copy of your chats.

WhatsApp works in a function called “Community”


Recently, the source code of the latest version of WhatsApp for Android (via XDA-Developers) has revealed that the messaging app works in a “Community” function. At the moment, there are no details about this feature beyond the clues found in the internal APK files. However, it is expected to be a function similar to that of WhatsApp groups. In particular, WhatsApp communities could be used to create larger groups and talk about specific topics with a larger number of users.

The administrators of the aforementioned communities will have some privileges and tools, such as the possibility of restricting the sending of messages only to administrators or changing the description of the community. Users will also be able to access by means of an intimation with a link or a QR code.

The small improvements that will soon be available on WhatsApp

WhatsApp voice notes

Show last connection only for some users: WhatsApp will allow you to choose which users can see the “last time” of connection. To do this, it will update the setting where it is possible to choose who can see the last time the sender has been online, adding “Only for some” to the “no one” or “all” options.WhatsApp audio transcription: This feature, which is in development, will automatically convert voice memos to text.WhatsApp will soon activate a new voice player. The new player will allow you to listen to voice memos even outside of the chat. The recipient can therefore navigate through other conversations and pause or resume the audio. The message reactions will arrive soon to the app. Users will be able to react to messages through emojis, as happens in Faceboook Messenger.