Will podcasts and audiobooks for children work?

Podimo arrived in Spain in the summer of 2020, in the year of the pandemic and in full consumption of entertainment services, with its proposal of the Netflix of podcasts. Now, almost a year later, the company is entering one of the most complex areas: children. Podimo Kids launches with podcasts and audiobooks focused on kids ages 2 to 10.

Under the subscription formula, the platform enters the audio content business both in-house and external. Now also for children. Its magic formula? Compensate content creators for their results. Audiobooks also arrived, a segment previously only explored by some platforms in a secondary way. The success of the Danish company in Spain was so great that they even obtained financing from a Spanish investment fund in their 11.2 million euro round.

It would be unfair to say that Podimo is the first platform to have content for kids. Audible, Storytel, Spotify, iVoox… all of them have a small redoubt of content for the little ones of the house. Some in book format, with the usual stories and some new titles, others even with specialised podcasts. However, Podimo Kids is launching with a unique platform for kids. 100% of the content will be for the youngest.

The new service, in any case, is integrated within the Podimo universe under the same overall subscription cost

In this way, the more than 300 youth titles that were already on the original platform move to Podimo Kids. In addition to new thematic options. The new service, in any case, is integrated within the Podimo universe under the same general subscription cost. It will simply, and like Netflix, will be separate with parental pin options and age-restricted content.

From Podimo know that this is a leap into the void. Young people and children make up one of the most demanding markets of the moment. “If you don’t capture them at the moment they won’t pay attention to you, you have to conquer them”, explains Javier Celaya, country manager of Podimo Spain to Kirkwood student media. Knowing that the industry of children’s and young people’s literature represents about 300 million euros per year -Podimo wants to lead the category of children’s car products even though there is no data on the table. “The sector is new, but it promises to have good results, so we want to be there and be the first,” they explain.

After all, data from kids using YouTube and other social networks is the gilt of today’s tech. Kids are some of the most loyal consumers of the moment. Now we just have to convince them that in addition to watching El Rubius they should be interested in listening to an audiobook as another form of digital habit.

In any case, Podimo had been preparing for this operation. In June of this year, the Danish company acquired Fairytell. A children’s audiobook company in which the Danish company in addition to listening is given the option to read the content. With this purchase that includes hundreds of titles of children’s classics, Podimo also integrates Fairytell’s technology in which the user experience works with the children’s logic of discovery. Searching for a book will be just another experience in the process.