7 curiosities that you did not realize in ‘The Squid Game’

The squid game may be considered, at the end of the year, as the Netflix series 2021. Although such consideration involves multiple critical variants, if it is evaluated by its global impact it seems that it will not be rival. Netflix production became a streaming phenomenon that, in turn, has mutated into different spaces. That explains, for example, the adaptation of one of the games as an effect for Instagram.

The interest generated also invites followers, critics and the curious to establish different theories. True to the tradition of Asian narratives, Squid Game offers a variety of surprises and twists and turns. Through them not only the script is sustained but also different readings are encouraged. The series does not end with the last chapter; it also persists in discussions and theories. Among those factors is a solid series, an entertaining drama that will be talked about as if it were a cult product.

That interest, almost feverish, has led different viewers and analysts to watch The Squid Game in detail to recognize possible flaws and reveal a series of curiosities and theories that, perhaps, are not taken into account by other viewers. Below we summarize some of the most interesting taking into account their logical sense and the argumentative value to understand the production of Netflix.

Some details you didn’t see about The Squid Game

Youtuber Charlie Tales developed a video in which he explains 20 issues related to the Netflix series. His video already has more than 200,000 likes and exceeds nine million views. We take some of them.

The old man

Most likely, most viewers noticed it but didn’t believe it. However, from the first chapter, there are different signs that suggest that Oh Il-nam, played by O Yeong-su, was fully involved in the entire organization. This is confirmed a little before the end, when the police review the file of the participants and their resume was missing. If you notice, the player history goes straight to number 2.

Then, different gestures or conveniences, such as when a riot occurs within the rest space and he survives, begin to take on another meaning, in addition to the reference as player 001.


One of the most striking aspects during the first chapters of The Squid Game is the color of the uniforms of the different participating groups. The players wore green while the guards or officials wore pink. The explanation of this detail, according to the creator of the series, Hwang Dong Hyuk, is related to the color palette: one opposes the other within the chromatic circle. In addition, Hwang Dong Hyuk, the players’ choice of uniform style was based on evoking the gymnastics or physical education uniform of Korean schools.

The mystery (not so mystery) about games

One of the key points of the plot of the Netflix series is that the participants did not know what games they would have to participate in. This is not less because from that information the different strategies, individual or group, started. The name of each game was guarded suspiciously … or perhaps not so much.

As the room where the participants sleep empties, it is discovered that on the walls are the different games drawn. The participants would only have had to pay attention to recognize them.

The role of The Leader

The Leader was one of the most particular figures in relation to The Squid Game. Not only because of his outfit, different from everyone else’s, but also because of his organizing and protective role. Although the series does not suggest much about him, there are several details through which his profile can be rebuilt. Hwang In-ho, played by Lee Byung Hun, isn’t just The Leader. He was also one of the participants.

Specifically, according to his brother investigating about him, Hwang In-ho participated in the 2015 edition and was the winner of that year.

How were the guards selected?

Although there is no clear information in this section, one of the theories shared by Charlie Tales explains that the role of one or the other depended on the color with which they chose to play when the recruiter contacted them. Remember that there were two, one blue and one red.

The number behind the card

The Squid Game - Netflix

The following detail about the Netflix series had already been made public: the number that players had to call to confirm their participation or request information is real. A few days ago, the user stated: “I have used it for the last ten years, it makes me very sad. I have had to delete more than 4,000 numbers that have tried to contact me. There are so many calls that I run out of battery. At first I did not understand what was happening, but a friend told me that my phone appeared in the series and there I understood everything “.

The role of the guards in The Squid Game

One of the theories that is currently being discussed and that, given what we have seen, could be quite logical is that the guards are responsible for a particular participant. What is the argument for this idea? That they sleep in rooms that are also numbered. Therefore, a relationship is established between the player’s number and the guard’s number. As The Squid Game progresses, the spaces gradually become empty, both for players and guards.