How to download videos from YouTube, Instagram or Facebook

We all like share on the internet. Share a joke, a joke or a meme. Either in text, image, animated GIF or video format. The problem, however, is that sometimes you have to share with link of the platform that houses it, since does not facilitate download. Fortunately, there are many pages that facilitate the task of downloading videos from YouTube and other online platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, VK, OK, 9GAG, Reddit, etc.

The idea is power save a copy of a video funny, funny or interesting on your smartphone or computer. To share it with your friends through WhatsApp, Telegram or Snapchat, to upload it again to TikTok, Instagram or Facebook or simply to have it handy in case it disappears from the platform that hosts it.

In addition, the process it couldn’t be easier. You copy the link of the page where the published video is. The online download tool will detect it and give you the option to download the video to your device. In most cases, with the possibility of choose save format (audio, video) and / or quality (up to HD, Full HD or 4K if available).

First recommendation, You copy the link of the video, paste it in the corresponding field, click on Search now download. You can choose to download videos from YouTube and other sources or keep only the audio.

Officially it supports YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, IMDb, Vevo and MySpace, among others. It also allows you to download content from Russian sources such as VK, OK O Rutube. But if you try other sources, it works too. It is the case of 9GAG, Reddit And a long etcetera.

download YouTube videos


Another great tool for downloading videos from YouTube and many other online sources is FreeDownloadVideo.Net. Following the trend of this type of page, it offers a minimalist design. A simple box where to paste the link of the video and little else.

In principle, it is compatible with most platforms that host video: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, 9GAG, Buzzfeed, Blogger, IMDb, Imgur, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Mashable, Reddit, VK, Vimeo, TED, etc. From the link on the page where the video appears, the tool will detect the video and download it.

download YouTube videos

Down Video

The cover letter of Down Video it’s its own home page, packed with buttons, one for each supported video platform. All in all, you can directly use the default search box to paste video links.

This service to download videos from YouTube and other sources is also compatible with Imgur, Flickr, 9GAG, Instagram, IMDb, SoundCloud, Reddit, TED, Mashable, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch O VK. In short, you can save any video you find on the web on your smartphone or computer.

By pasting the link and clicking on the corresponding button, Down Video it will show a thumbnail of the video and a button indicating the saving format, the video quality and its size. Very useful for not depleting your phone’s memory with large videos. And, in addition, it includes a button to share the video in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr O Pinterest.

download YouTube videos


In the list of sites or platforms compatible with y2downloots names like Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, VK O Vimeo. But there are many more. You just have to try to download with the video link. This way you will have the videos on your device in case it disappears from the internet.

Its operation is identical to the previous services to download videos from YouTube and other online sources. You copy the link of the video, paste it in the search box, click on Download and you will get a preview of the video and download options. Depending on the download platform, it can be audio or video and in various formats and qualities.

And to make it easy for you, the link to download the video can be shared, in turn, on other social networks or applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.