She wakes up with a start and finds a meteorite on her pillow

He sleeps so deep that he wouldn’t wake up even if a meteorite”. Many of us have heard that phrase at times. And it may have seemed exaggerated to us, as are so many other set phrases. But it may not be so. The situation is not so far-fetched and, in fact, it seems that you do wake up. And if not that they tell Ruth Hamilton, a Canadian woman who woke up with a start on October 4, just to see pieces of roof falling next to her and a dark rock still warm, perched on her pillow.

It happened just after several neighbors spotted an explosion in the sky, near the Alberta-British Columbia border. Those who saw it described it as a kind of Fireworks, with small rocks flying out in all directions.

One of them must have been the one that ended up piercing the ceiling and falling onto the startled Ruth’s bed; who, of course, immediately called al 911. The suspicion was that it was a meteorite, although it was necessary for an expert to analyze it to confirm it.

A short alert before the meteorite

Actually, Ruth didn’t just wake up to the meteorite impact. Were the your dog barks the ones who woke her up and alerted her just before debris began to rain from the roof.

His dog’s barking came moments before impact

Fortunately, the meteorite did not land on him and the small debris did not cause injuries, beyond the terrible scare. A scare that he did not even know what it was because he did not initially see the meteorite and, when he finally did, he did not think that it was such a thing.

Both she and the police officer who came to her home after the 911 call thought that coal color stone it had to come from the works that at that time were being developed in a nearby highway. However, when the authorities went there to investigate, they found that the material did not correspond to any of those that were being used there. In addition, they claimed that they had not done any blasting that night.

Then, when they learned of the explosion that some people had seen in the area, they thought it could be something from space. But they needed to confirm, so they contacted Peter Brown, an expert meteorite physicist from the Western Ontario University.

Suspicions are confirmed

Brown’s team has not yet been able to analyze the rock; But, in statements to the CBC, he explained that everything is consistent with the fact that it is indeed a meteorite. “Everything about the story was consistent with the meteorite fall, and the fact that this bright ball of fire had basically happened at the same time made it quite an overwhelming case. ”

Either way, you hope you can analyze it during the next month. In addition, he has asked those who could photograph the impact or capture it on security cameras to send their images in order to get an idea of ​​what his impact should have been. trajectory. This data could also help you to know its origin, although you suspect that it must be in the main asteroid belt of the solar system.

Once all of this is clear, Ruth would like to keep it as a keepsake. In principle, they will return it to you, as long as it does not turn out to have a outstanding scientific value. We will have to wait to find out that. We do not know if he will be able to keep the meteorite that disturbed his sleep, but the memory of the fright will not be able to be taken away by anyone.