Steam bans games that allow you to trade NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Steam will no longer support on its platform games that allow transactions involving cryptocurrencies or NFT. The ban was known in the last hours, but it is unknown when Valve took this position. In fact, the novelty transcended when some developers began to make it public through their social networks.

The determination appears in the documentation of Steamworks, the collection of services and tools that the platform makes available to video game developers. More specifically in the section “Rules and Guides”, under the section “What you shouldn’t post on Steam”.

In the last point of this list appears the following: “Applications based on blockchain technology that issue or allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFT”. According to Engadget, this rule was added in the last few days as it did not appear before October 6, according to an older version of the website cached by Google.

Steam puts a brake on games that allow interaction with cryptocurrencies and NFT

Steam’s decision has not gone unnoticed among developers. One of the studies that referred to the issue on their Twitter account was SpacePirate Games, whose title Age of Rust – currently in development and with a view to launching in 2022 – is one of those that cannot continue on the Valve platform.

“We chose to be frank about blockchain games and NFTs. As a result, we ultimately lost the battle with Steam. While I am disappointed in the removal of Age of Rust, we point more towards the fact that blockchain games as a whole will be retired. This is a setback for everyone, “they published.

In another tweet, they expanded: “Steam maintains that articles [los NFT y las criptomonedas] they have value, and on their platform they do not allow items that may have real value. While I respect their choice, I fundamentally believe that NFTs and blockchain games are the future. ”

It is specifically unknown how many games are affected by Steam’s decision. The truth is that the platform has taken a stance that would appear inflexible. At the time of writing this article Valve has not made any public statements regarding this matter, beyond what was published in Steamworks.

It remains to be seen if the determination is based on a security concern, in order to avoid potential scams. Or if there is any other motivation behind this issue. For now, it would not be unusual for other platforms to try to win over game developers who can no longer follow on Steam. Titles based on blockchain technology they will have to find a new home, and sure alternatives will appear along the way.