The best Chrome extensions to take advantage of it

Notion has quickly become one of the productivity solutions with more followers. It is not only used by many to collect notes and information. It also has those who speak well of it and those who seek to create applications and services to take advantage of it better. An example is the extensions for Google Chrome that you can install in your browser.

And it is that with this online tool you can create versatile documents in which to add content of all kinds without getting in the way or bothering you. Everything is seamlessly integrated and you have the possibility to organize that content and / or share it with the public or with your acquaintances or colleagues.

To get even more out of Notion, we suggest a selection of extensions for Google Chrome. As always, they work both in Chrome like in Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera and other compatible browsers.

Notion Web Clipper

For starters, the official Notion extension. The purpose of Notion Web Clipper is to help you incorporate content into your online space. If you see something interesting on the web, you can import it as a note with their tags, links and other multimedia content.

It may not be a complex extension, but it does serve its purpose. You will always be available to import things at the moment without having to open a new tab every time you want to add something to Notion.

Among its advantages: save the content with one click. At the moment of creating the new note you can label, classify and comment, etc. Quick, simple and effective.

Notion Boost browser extension demo

Notion Boost

As its name indicates, Notion Boost is a Chrome extension packed with customizations for to get better its appearance and functionality. Specifically, 15 customizations to more easily edit your documents.

Integrated into the browser, the menu of this extension allows you to activate and deactivate each of these options separately. Hide comments and notifications, check spelling in code blocks, show the number of lines in code blocks, align document images to the left, show a table of contents in documents with titles and subtitles …

The goal of Notion Boost is improve normal functioning from Notion to make it more comfortable for you in your day to day. Perhaps among its improvements you will find what you were missing in this online tool.

Notion - Extensiones Chrome


Similar to the previous extension, NotionX It is one of those extensions for Chrome that want to improve a tool from the browser.

In the case of NotionX it is about adding a dynamic table of content, including content statistics of each page, highlight the code against normal text, count the lines of code blocks, show keyboard shortcuts, activate compact mode or dark mode …

Like Notion Boost, you can activate NotionX options separately from its drop-down menu. A way to incorporate improvements to Notion in its Web version every time you open a page with its corresponding extension.

Notion - Extensiones Chrome

Tailored Notion

If you could only install one of the Chrome extensions supported by Notion, you might choose Tailored Notion. An ambitious plugin that turns Notion into a all-in-one productivity tool.

In addition to taking notes, collecting and organizing information, with Tailored Notion you can create workspaces in which to manage tasks, events, projects, work in a team … A very practical way to turn a virtual notebook into your organizational reference.

Tailored Notion also has minor features like a concentration mode that eliminates distractions or the ability to hide emojis from everywhere. On the other hand, you can customize the background colors and the font of the menus.

Notion - Extensiones Chrome

Notion Slides

One of the peculiarities of Notion is that it allows you to create versatile documents. And in this sense, Notion Slides goes further, turning your Notion notes into online presentations.

As its name suggests, it allows you to create interactive slide shows in seconds. To do this, you will have to create a document in Notion with headlines. Conversion is as simple as clicking on the extension icon. Among its minor functions, it has dark way.

With Notion Slides you can forget about PowerPoint O Keynote and thus create presentations directly without leaving this online tool. And for a sample, a button.