‘The Squid Game’ is already the most successful series in Netflix history

It was only a matter of time and it finally happened. Netflix confirmed that The Squid Game became the most successful series in its history. This after being visualized by 111 million subscribers since September 17. Of course, the success of the Korean production has taken even Netflix itself by surprise, as it was never planned to reach the popularity it boasts today.

It is important to mention that, to aspire to have a place among the most successful series, Netflix only counts the views during the first 28 days after the premiere. The squid game, then, dethroned the Bridgertons, which had been enjoyed by 82 million members. The third place now belongs to the first season of Lupine with 76 million. It is followed by The Witcher (season 1) with the same figure.

Being such a significant milestone, Netflix took advantage of its Twitter account to publish a thank you video – in the style of the series, of course – to the entire audience who enjoyed The Squid Game. “I would like to extend a warm thank you to all of you. 111 million of you have joined the VIPs, making The Squid Game our number one series in the world. And for the rest of you, will you take the opportunity to join the game? ? “mentions one of his iconic masked characters.

The squid game, Netflix’s new gold mine

Netflix had already hinted that The Squid Game would become, sooner or later, its most popular series. And it is that the production led by Hwang Dong-hyuk It has remained the most popular worldwide for several consecutive weeks. Therefore, he only had to keep up with the rate of views to reach the top of the service. Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, acknowledged that they never saw the phenomenon coming of the production.

The achievement obtained by The Squid Game is even more relevant because its creator went through multiple difficulties to make the script a reality on the small screen. In fact, the shocking story was rejected by several producers before getting the chance on Netflix. The big question that remains in the air is: Will there be a second season? Although there is no official announcement in this regard, it seems difficult for Netflix to miss a new gold mine.