The winners of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival 2021

The pioneer Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, which has been held in the Catalan town since 1968 and which can shake hands with that of San Sebastián and Valladolid, began its fifty-fourth edition on October 7 and will end tomorrow, the 17th. Throughout these days, we have eaten feature films that have left us satisfied, such as El attachment, Le calendrier, Caveat, Censor, Mad God, The Boy Behind the Door, Lamb , El páramo, Tres, Halloween Kills, Violation or The Medium.

And we have been able interview directors such as Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez for La pasajera, Oriol Paulo for Los renglones torcidos de Dios, Víctor García for The Communion Girl, David Pérez Sañudo for Au Pair, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo for The Deep House, David Casademunt for the mentioned El páramo, Juanjo Giménez for Tres, Eskil Vogt for The Innocents and Chema García Ibarra for Holy Spirit. In addition, in Sitges we have seen the actress Bianca Bradey for Wyrmwood: Apocalypse and her colleagues Inma Cuesta, Roberto Álamo and Asier Flores, again, for El páramo; and we have spoken with the producer Andrea Vázquez about El cuerno del centeno.

Lamb: 3 premios.Nitram, Luzifer, After Blue, Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon, Mad God y Good Night Mr. Ted: 2 premios.

Black Spark

Fantastic Official Section of the Sitges Festival

(Jury: the directors Ali Abassi and Antonio Trashorras, the actress and director Luna or María Lidón, the actor Joaquín Reyes and the singer Alaska).

Best film

Lamb, by Valdimar Jóhannsson (2021) .Special Mention: The Innocents, by Eskil Vogt (2021) .Special Mentions to First Work: The Blazing World, by Carlson Young, and The Execution, by Lado Kvataniya (2021).

Best direction

Justin Kurzel, por Nitram (2021).

Best screenplay

Camille Griffin, por Silent Night (2021).

Best Female Performance

Noomi Rapace, by Lamb. Susanne Jensen, by Lucifer, by Peter Brunner (2021), ex aequo.

Best Male Performance

Caleb Landry Jones, por Nitram.Franz Rogowski, por Luzifer, ex aequo.

Best photography

Cheng Siu-Keung, por Limbo, by Soi Cheang (2021).

Best soundtrack

Daniele Luppi, por Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, de Ana Lily Amirpour (2021).

Best special effects (visual or makeup)

Phil Tippett, by Mad God (2021).

Special jury award

After Blue, de Bertrand Mandico (2021).

Grand Audience Award for Best Film

It is delivered tomorrow, October 17.

New Visions

(Jury: the filmmakers Elio Quiroga and Buddy Giovinazzo and the producer Susana Herreras).

Best film

Attachment, by Valentín Javier Diment (2021). Special mention: 2551.01, by Norbert Pfaffenbichler (2021).

Best direction

Medusa, by Anita Rocha da Silveira (2021).

Best short film

Brutalia, Days of Labor, by Manolis Mavris (2021).

Sitges Documenta

Inferno Rosso: Joe d’Amato on the Via Dell’Eccesso, de Manlio Gomarasca y Massimiliano Zanin) (2021).

sitges festival 2021 winning awards lamb mad god after blue‘Mad God’ – Tippett

Critics Awards at the Sitges Festival

(Jury: the critics Alejandro G. Calvo and Beatriz Martínez, Daniel Pérez Pàmies).

José Luis Guarner Critics Award

After Blue.Mad God, de Phil Tippett, ex aequo.

Citizen Kane Award for Breakthrough Director

Valdimar Johánnsson, by Lamb.

Award for the best short film in the Official Section

The bones, by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña (2021).

Méliès de Oro

(Jury members: the director Manolo Vázquez, the writer María Fernando Ampuero and Montse Majench, vice president of Dones Visuals).

Best feature film

Tres, by Juanjo Giménez (2021).

Best short film

T’es morte Hélène, by Michiel Blanchart (2021).

Bloow Window

The Pink Cloud, by Iuli Gerbase (2021).

Méliès de Plata

(Jury: critic Noel Ceballos, writer Care Santos and distributor Nadine Rothschild).

They are delivered on the afternoon of today, October 16.


(Jury: the director Lucía Forner, the actor Raúl Arévalo and the programmer Roger Sabat).

Brigadoon Paul Naschy Award

Unheimlich, by Fabio Colonna (2021) .Special Mention: Viewers: 1, by Daigo Hariya and Yosuke Kobayashi (2020).

sitges festival 2021 lamb winners list‘After Blue’ – ECCE

SGAE New Authorship

(Jury: director Mar Coll, screenwriter Carmen Fernández Villalba and composer Alfred Tapscott).

Best direction

Gonzalo Quincoces, for The Fall of the Swift (2021).

Best screenplay

Nicolás Solé, for Good Night Mr. Ted (2021).

Best Original Music

Gonçal Perales, by Good Night Mr. Ted.

Youth card

(Jury: the director Meritxell Blanco, the producer Clàudia Guillen, the journalist Charas Vega and Sara Vega and the publicist Gerard Jaurena).

Carnet Jove Jury Prize for the best fantasy genre feature film

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon.

Best Animated Feature Film Award

Cryptozoo, de Dash Shaw (2021).

Best Animated Short Film Award

Other Half, by Lina Kalcheva (2021).