Twitter will begin to include advertising in the replies of tweets

Twitter tends to show ads in several of its most popular sections. Sponsored content is common in the main feed, in search results, and in hashtags, and it will appear in more sections soon. The social network is trying to add advertise tweet responses.

Conversations will therefore have sections where small advertisements will appear. Bruce Falck, Head of Revenue Products at Twitter, says advertising will show up in the first, third or eighth reply to a tweet. These announcements will be duly signposted and can be easily distinguished. However, the appearance can affect the browsing experience of the social network making it less intuitive.

Advertising in tweet responses being tested on a small number of users, but it is likely that it will reach more netizens in the coming weeks to finally activate it to the whole world. Falck stressed that they will continue to test “different frequencies, layouts, contextually relevant ads, different insertion points, etc.” It also ensures that they will be aware of the changes to “find out” if it will be a “permanent” option.

Twitter, in search of new ways to earn income

Advertising is one of the most important monetization avenues for Twitter, but it is not the only one. The “Super Follow”, a new feature that allows users to enjoy exclusive content from their favorite creators in exchange for a monthly subscription, it is also a source of income for Twitter, given that the platform keeps a small percentage of the subscription. All this, while the social network continues to offer payment functions that allow you to obtain benefits.

Regarding responses to tweets, Twitter recently announced the inclusion of an alert that will appear every time a user accesses an “intense” conversation, where the comments can suppose a division of opinions between the users. Along with this notice, the company will offer some tips to avoid disputes and make twitter a quieter place. The social network also allows you to choose which people can reply to a tweet. For example, only those people who are mentioned in the post, only the followers, or no one.