Was the Ricochet anti-cheat system from ‘Warzone’ leaked?

Just when you thought Ricochet, the new anti-cheat system Warzone, could mark a positive before and after for the battle royale, now the community begins to have doubts. And not because we don’t yet have hard evidence that it really works, but because it starts to sound loud that the system has leaked and has fallen into the hands of cheaters. Yes, you read that right.

ModernWarzone, a trusted portal for Call of Duty and Warzone news, claims that the Ricochet leak is real. In fact, from the evidence they were able to obtain, it appears that the anti-cheat system files “leaked” from Activision weeks before their official release. Therefore, the biggest fear right now is that hackers will find vulnerabilities that allow breaking it.

However, a theory circulating on the internet is that Activision may have leaked a “decoy” version of Ricochet on purpose. For what reason? Cause Warzone cheaters to look for vulnerabilities in a rogue system that won’t even see the light of day. A point that reinforces this belief is that the controller, an essential part of the Ricochet operation, has a code that seems “basic and outdated”.

This, of course, does not coincide with the extensive experience in security that the team of developers in charge of Ricochet boasts. On the other hand, the Call of Duty Twitter account has already ruled “about it.” We put it in quotes because, although they do not specify that it is a response to all this fuss, it is clear that it has something to do with it:

“RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is in controlled testing. We are testing everything. Testing includes shipping a pre-release version of the driver to selected third parties. We are preparing server-side enhancements for release. The response to the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat initiative has It’s been amazing, so yeah, all good.

At least with these words it is intuited that they are aware of the situation and the Warzone community need not worry.

Ricochet was announced this week as Warzone’s biggest offense – and Call of Duty in general – against cheaters, who have affected the game so badly over the past year. The system relies on artificial intelligence to identify recurring cheats, not to mention a driver that works at the kernel level on PC. Ricochet will arrive at Warzone later this year.